vxpshop.jpgI can’t decide whether I’m irritated, proud, or amused over this article in the Sunday Times style section: In Brooklyn, Hipsters Sip ‘Fair Trade’ Brews. Of course, any time the Gray Lady tries to get down with the hipsters, she’s bound to make a fool of herself. For one thing, fair trade coffee is old news; hell, even the coffee shops in poky little Athens were advertising it at least four years ago. So there’s some irritation/amusement. But a big focus of the article is Vox Pop, a shaggy little bookstore, cafe, pub, and publishing company in my neighborhood. Yay, Ditmas Park! Proud! Then they quote a new resident of the area: “The fact that the coffee is fair trade is certainly more sustainable for the farmers, and having this coffeehouse also helps sustain our community,” said Willow Fodor, 29, a customer who said she moved to Ditmas Park because of the cafe. “I just loved the vibe.” She moved here because of a corner coffee shop? Boo! Irritated! So I guess irritation rises to the top. The Times needs to stop with the Ditmas love before we become flooded with hipster doofuses.