As stated below, we took a little road trip over an extended weekend, leaving the chilly gray city for warm, flowery Southern towns. It’s a tale best told in pictures.

About 2/3 of the way down, we came across our first awesome sign, in the door to a truck stop in southern Virginia:


Roller skating? Things must get lively there at night.

We then stopped at The Kitchen mastering studio in Carrboro, NC, so Will could put the finishing touches on his new CD. The business next door had this cryptic yet great door:


After dinner at a local burrito joint with a friend, we headed out to our bed and breakfast about 14 miles out of town:


Which had tastefully appointed rooms, friendly hosts, huge breakfasts, and lovely grounds. We were suitably impressed. The next day was for touristing and antiquing. First we strolled around the UNC campus and lingered a while in the campus arboretum, where Will was silly and I was a little too cool:



Then we went for a nice late lunch of barbecue sandwiches, collards, beans, and fried squash:


In neighboring Pittsboro, I bought a 1919 edition of Edna Ferber’s Roast Beef, Medium (to be mined for future blogging) and we found the most perfect lamp ever:


Only $20! So it’s now on our side table in the living room. We then stopped in at the gorgeous and ridiculously wholesome Soda Shoppe on the main street to refresh ourselves with a Cherry Smash and Dreamsicle Shake:


Back in Chapel Hill, we watched a squirrel try to eat an enormous oatmeal cookie:


Then took in two shows at the local planetarium. I don’t have a photo, but enjoy the song:


The next day was time to leave, so we stopped by the local gourmet market for picnic treats and hit the road. We stopped for lunch at scenic Nutbush Point near the Virginia state line:


Where Will heartily enjoyed his sandwich:


We then stopped for the night in Richmond, VA, where I stopped taking pictures because I ran out of batteries. But we had a good time there with friends. Then we came home.