I’ve been terribly busy, but I just came upon this music-nerdy meme over at Mrs. Brown’s page, so I figure I’ll share my info and invite other readers and bloggers to do the same:

10 musical artists I like (not necessarily my super-favorites, just what I happen to be listening to lately), in no particular order–be sure to make the list before answering the questions:

  1. Snowglobe
  2. Tom Waits
  3. Yo La Tengo
  4. Wilco
  5. Vic Chesnutt
  6. Thunderegg
  7. Buddy Holly
  8. Elvis Costello
  9. John Prine
  10. Lucinda Williams

First song I heard by #6: “A Poem and a Mirror”
Favorite song by #2: “Innocent When You Dream”
Favorite lyric by #5:  “They’ve got organizations for people like me, with stupid preoccupations.”
Number of times I’ve seen #4 live: Once
Favorite song by #7: “Heartbeat”
Song by #3 that makes me sad: None, really; “Autumn Sweater” makes me sort of nostalgic.
Favorite lyric by #2:  “She had a tattooed tear on her face: ‘One for every year he’s away,’ she said.”
Favorite song by #9: “Hello in There”
When did I first get into #1: Recently–a little less than 2 years ago.
When did I first get into #3: Some time in the mid-90s.
Favorite song by #4: “Misunderstood”
Number of times I’ve seen #9 live: none
A good memory of #8: Saw him do a mind-blowing show at the Tabernacle in Atlanta in 1999.
Sad song by #10: “Side of the Road”
Favorite song by #1: “At Times a Nightmare”

Take it away, kids…