This has got to be the funniest news photo and story of the year so far, cribbed from the awesome blog Joe.My.God:


To the right is my least favorite pundit, Ann “Faggot” Coulter. The handsome young man on the left is Matt Sanchez, a Marine reservist and Columbia undergrad (at 36?) who has been subjected to all sorts of back-patting from the loudest Republicans (Coulter, Bill O’Reilley, Newt Gingrich, etc.) because his fellow students were being mean to him for supporting the war or some such nonsense. But, as the above-mentioned Joe broke yesterday, not only is Mr. Sanchez an Ivy League student and proud defender of his nation, he is also a gay porn star–or, rather, a star of gay porn films, as he seems to be married (to a woman). Now, personally, I neither know nor care much about him. From what little information is out there, he seems to be a pretty shrewd, reasonably intelligent person. But I love that all of the most strident right-wing homophobes adopted him so quickly to further their own agendas; now that his past is getting national scrutiny, I’ll be interested to see how quickly and clumsily they scurry away from him. Will they denounce him loudly or pretend he never existed in hopes that no one will remind them? Apparently poor Sanchez has started getting the standard hate mail and death threats already. Oh, and a book deal. Score.