From Go Triad Magazine, via Every-Word.com:

The band [Mitch Easter] formed was Let’s Active, with Easter on guitar and vocals, Faye Hunter on bass and vocals and Sara Romweber on drums. Even by New Wave standards, they were an odd trio: two girls and a guy tapping out a musical Morse code that was “pointy and angular,” in Easter’s words. Easter and Hunter didn’t have classic-rock voices, but the lack of affected elocution made them appealing….

Ultimately, the blind date with the record company wasn’t going so well, especially after the parties got to know one another. Asked if Let’s Active ever felt like it was a priority with I.R.S., bassist Faye Hunter laughs. “Are you kidding?” says Hunter, now a freelance copy editor in Winston-Salem. “From our perspective, we felt like they considered us a wild card at best, a pet side project and a tax write-off most likely. Although they did take time to encourage us to take vocal lessons.”