Even with the craziness of moving, there has been a little other activity…we have now Eaten at the three main good restaurants in our immediate neighborhood: Farm at Adderley, a trendy “New American” type of place; Cinco de Mayo, a nice divey little Mexican joint; and Picket Fence, sort of a nice shaggy bistro that probably has a great brunch. I still need to investigate the local bakery and food co-op. I’ve also cooked a couple of good meals–tonight I treated Will and a visiting friend to roasted veggies and chicken over parmesan couscous.

The records are finally shelved, but the books are still mostly in boxes, and art is not yet on the walls. The big purchase still to be made is a new sofa. If I can find the tape measure, I can see if the nice red one I found for 60% off will fit in our narrow living room. Fingers are crossed…

We just finished watching The Squid and the Whale, which has been on my list for a while. Aside from it being an excellent story, well written and acted, it was also fun to watch because it was filmed primarily in Park Slope and other neighborhoods surrounding the park.

Finally, I am also Reading again, this time Snow, by Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk. I’m about halfway through it and will post a real recap when I’m done. I should be wrapping it up just in time for more freelance work coming my way. Eats up my free time, but sofas aren’t free.