I actually posted this last night, then deleted it for fear that it was too geeky and esoteric even for ADB’s geeky, esoteric following. (Intended purely as a compliment.) It’s the 1973 Warner Bros. promotional write-up for an obscure prog-rock LP that I couldn’t seem to keep myself from buying over the weekend: Greenslade, not surprisingly by the band Greenslade, which is led by keyboardist Dave Greenslade, who among other notable achievements “cofounded Colosseum in 1968 and was voted among Britain’s top 10 keyboard players during that period.”

Interested as I am in both Roger Dean’s awesome science-fiction gatefold record covers and Sisyphean attempts at promoting commercial lost causes, especially in the musical realm, I figured I’d scan that promo sheet in lieu of ripping Greenslade mp3s, which would probably be the one thing that would keep someone from buying the record anyway. Major-label pimpin’ after the jump. Dig, especially, the final line, a masterfully droll bit of wordplay.Greenslade promo,