walnutcrumble.jpgIt’s been ages since I did a real Eating post. Shame on me. I’ve been cooking and eating, but nothing too remarkable. But last night I made an important and exciting discovery. A year or so ago, my coeditor introduced me to the wonders of Greek yogurt. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this treat, it’s triple-strained plain (never flavored) yogurt that has a consistency and tang almost of sour cream. Even the low-fat varieties are very rich and filling, and it makes a delicious snack when mixed with honey. I was instantly hooked, but was faced with a problem: The only kind I could find, the yummy Fage, cost a whopping $2 per 7 oz. single-serve container. Bigger containers (which for some reason only come in full-fat and yucky nonfat) run nearly $5. So my Fage intake was restricted to occasional indulgences.

Until last night. As I was heading back to the train at Union Square after leaving my knitting group (go ahead and laugh), I stopped in Trader Joe’s to pick up some oatmeal. And what did I spy in the dairy case but store-brand “Greek-style” yogurt? At $2.99 for a 16 oz. tub, I had to give it a try. I had a dish of it mixed with honey and apricot preserves for my breakfast this morning, and it was heavenly, every bit as good as the imported stuff at nearly twice the cost. I know I’ve poo-poohed TJ’s in the past, but I’ll have to give them my loyalty on this one product, at least.