So Ms. Dish has tagged me again, this time with a navel-gazer of her own devising. She is wondering what five fantasy careers her friends might choose if they could leave the ones they’re in. I have a little time to kill before going to see another apartment, so here goes:

1. Personal chef. I love to cook, but know I couldn’t hack it in a restaurant kitchen. But if I could make nice meals for a small group and get paid for it, I’d be pretty happy.

2. Therapist. Maybe it’s because I read psychology books all day, but I think I would really have a knack for this. Also, my friends are always coming to me for advice on various crises–somehow, I’ve developed a reputation for being the “level-headed” one.

3. Shop owner. I used to co-own a junk/art/antique shop, and I really loved it. I looked forward to running the place on weekends, chatting with customers and vendors, etc. I also did a nice job of promotion, if I say so myself. Maybe I could move back to a small town someday and have another go at it.

4. Curator in an art gallery or museum. I used to work in a museum, currently volunteer in a museum, and edit museum and gallery publications on a freelance basis. Whenever I go to museums, I pay attention to the organization and presentation of the art almost as much as the art itself, and often fantasize about how I might organize shows by various artists or of different kinds of work.

5. Freelance editor. I’ve wanted this for a long time. I’m currently an employed editor, but it’s not the same. I can’t pick and choose my work, I have no flexibility of schedule, and I can’t just edit a manuscript and be done with it. I’m tired of paperwork and chasing down permissions, illustrations, references, and tardy authors. I have enough freelance work to give me a nice chunk of pocket money; maybe someday I’ll take the plunge and hang out my shingle.

Who’s next? Will, of course, and Mr. Simmons and Mrs. Brown, if you care to.