1. I used to sell lemonade by loading the supplies into my little red wagon and walking around town wearing signboards. When I ran out of water I’d refill my jug in the Sunoco men’s room.

2. My first car was a hand-me-down Peugeot 505 sedan from my mom.

3. In high school, my friends and I started our own newspaper, The Free Press. I was the editor of the “Option” section, which was mostly music and wacky features. I panned the first Black Crowes album and was disappointed by Ritual de lo Habitual, but gave the green light to luminaries such as Trouble and the Georgia Satellites (still love them Satellites).

4. The first record I ever bought was Ghost in the Machine by the Police. The first songs I remember loving as a kid are “Wendy” by the Beach Boys, “The Voice” by the Moody Blues, and “More Than a Feeling” by Boston. Actually all of that first Boston record, except for maybe “Smokin’.”

5. I was a choirboy for ten years. I went to choir camp three times and sang in an enormous choir for the queen at Royal Albert Hall. Twice I played Amahl in the operetta Amahl and the Night Visitors, and after my voice changed I was a countertenor (male alto) in a world-class a cappella choir. We did sacred music, so (please) think Palestrina and not “Mister Sandman.”