So yesterday was my birthday, and I enjoyed a rather unusual present that has a bit of a back-story. First, it’s important to know I don’t have cable, so when I go home, I watch hours of mindless TV mush without guilt.

Last Christmas, I got sucked into a What Not to Wear marathon and brought my parents down with me. Apparently, they stayed hooked on it after I left; in February, my dad, heeding my request that I be gifted with consumables or services rather than objects, asked whether I’d like to get my hair done by Nick Arrojo for my next birthday (we DePrimas like to plan ahead). I had to Google him to figure out that he’s the puckish hair-makeover guy from the show. When I saw his fee, I decided not to step into a salon until it was time to see him. At that point, it had already been almost 4 months since I had had a trim or touch-up on my highlights, but I figured the vigil would be worth it. My hair grew longer and stringier and I felt more and more unkempt as the year went on. So yesterday was the big day…

I wanted a real before pic, but Nick snuck up behind me and hacked off a fistful of hair before my colorist could press the shutter (hence my strained WTF expression):before.jpg

Shannon, my colorist, then set about banishing my 6-inch mousy brown roots for the next 2 hours. I was ushered down to the snipping area to wait for the man himself. He was pleasant but not really interested in conversation. Weirdly, instead of clipping my hair out of the way to cut, he had an assistant hold my hair up while he cut the lower layers. He laid into my mop with a straight razor and his sweater vest (WTF) was soon carpeted with bits of my hair. But I must say, the results were quite nice:


Funnily, my boss told me today that I looked as if I had been on “one of those makeover shows.” She nearly fainted when I told her who had done my hair.

After my afternoon of pampering, I met up with my fella for a delicious dinner at Prune, a little jewelbox of a cafe in the East Village. We stuffed ourselves on sweetbreads, lamb, quail, chorizo, roasted beets, pomegranate salad, and tarte tatin. Mmm. And tonight my girls treated me to Mexican goodness, plus fancy little cupcakes. And dad sent me a chocolate chip cake. And tomorrow is the office party. Oof.