Well, I had the usual turkey-and-family Thanksgiving in nice, quaint, wood-smoky New Hampshire. I ate too much, watched a bunch of trashy TV (which will come into play in about 2 weeks), played with the codependent Lhasa, and taught my mom how to sell stuff on eBay. On Friday, we headed up north with the family dog to cut a Christmas tree and have lunch at a historic diner in Littleton, near the Vermont border. As we were leaving town, a small sign caught my eye: “Horse Cemetery.” No other details. Being good DePrimas, we hung a u-turn and drove down the side road to investigate. Down a dirt lane in the woods, we found a little paddock-style enclosure with three headstones and the following plaque:


The final line (cut off) said that the place would be cared for in perpetuity. It did seem quite neatly maintained all these years later, which I thought was pretty sweet.