I can always count on Slate to bring me the most pressing news of the day. Media critic Jack Schafer ran a Lexis/Nexis search on the New York Post recently and found that the city’s finest tab works the word perv or pervert into, on average, ninety headlines every year (read the full article here). There were no stats in the article on fiend, sicko, or maniac, but I’m sure they’d all be close runners up, as would be the use of slay and other verbs as nouns or adjectives (e.g., the recent “Hoodie Hoods Sought in Deli Slay” or today’s “Roadside-Shoot Wife Dies”). I’d also like to see numbers on how many elided or made-up/misspelled words make their way into the headlines (“Prez Sez Terror Fiends Will Pay”). I wonder if the starry-eyed journalism grads who are hired there, thrilled with their first “real” job, feel their hearts break a little the first time they have to write a hed like that.