Just before I left the office today, the co-owner sent out a company-wide email to let us know that his dog, Bodhi, had died. Almost immediately, I heard cries of dismay throughout the office. Bob would bring Bodhi to work with him most days of the week, so everyone in the office felt a sense of ownership. Bodhi was the most un-doggish dog I’d ever seen. In fact, I never once saw him wag his tail, not when patted on the head, not when it was time for his walk, not even when Bob set a dish of homemade chicken and rice in front of him. He limped arthritically back and forth through the office and spent most of his days drowsing on the battered Persian carpet at the end of the office, occasionally blinking if someone stopped to say hello. In spite of his lack of companionability, though, I think everyone loved him because he represented the homes and coddled pets that all of us are away from for most of our waking hours. I know I’ll miss him.