This is hilarious. Domino’s Pizza has added a new product to its lineup: “Brooklyn”-style pizza. An intrepid reporter from the Times took one of these pies out to famed Coney Island pizzeria Totonno’s for a taste test. The proprietess tried to chase him out, then offered her opinion on how the rest of the country eats pizza:

“In Utah, they’re going to love it because they use ketchup and American cheese on their pizzas,” she said.

Borough president Marty Markowitz had even harsher things to say about Domino’s, their pizza, and their marketing campaign:

The […] marketing blitz rests on television ads and on a Web site,, which features characters purchased at the Brooklyn Stereotype Store.

An older Italian woman yells out of a brownstone window. A man with the look of an extra from “The Sopranos” pumps iron on the roof. A Rosie O’Donnell lookalike berates a taxi driver for not
folding his slice like a man. And there’s an African-American guy. You can’t hear what he’s saying because the rap music pouring from his car speakers is too loud.

That kind of imagery just grinds at Marty Markowitz, the Brooklyn borough president.

“It’s a multinational right-wing company, mass marketing the Brooklyn attitude with obsolete ethnic stereotypes, not to mention flimsy crusts,” he said through a spokesman.

Mr. Markowitz has yet to taste the Domino’s pizza. But that didn’t stop him from offering an opinion: “To our sophisticated palates, Domino’s is about as Brooklyn as Sara Lee Cheesecake is