I’m working from home today, so am taking a “coffee break” to wring my hands in dismay (again) at further evidence of senility on the part of the Gray Lady. The lead story in today’s dining section is a feature on New York’s options for after-hours dining. In the “city that never sleeps” (a description better suited to Las Vegas), it’s surprisingly hard to find decent food after midnight, but each neighborhood has at least one place you can count on for cravings that hit in the wee hours. This story focuses, though, on trendy spots like Pastis, ‘Inoteca, and the Spotted Pig, which stay open late but aren’t 24/7. They did include Soho’s La Esquina in the article, but WHERE was mention of my beloved Veselka?? This East Village standby has seen me through some very late-night snacks before I headed home, especially during my first year in the city. Nothing is more comforting than a hot bowl of their mushroom-barley soup during a bitter February predawn, let me tell you.