I’ll do a real post after my run tonight, but here are a couple of things that have been amusing me:

Gawker’s week-long vivisection of the Meatpacking District. I’ve only hung out there twice; once included a nice meal and was early enough in the evening to be fairly low-key, but everything about this small part of town makes me shudder. It’s everything that’s bad and shallow about New York. Even Frank Bruni thinks this neighborhood has jumped the shark. That’s like your dad pointing out that your clothes are out of style.

Season 3 of Arrested Development. The final season lacks the magic of the first two, but it’s still better than most of the crap on TV by a long shot. My hat is off to them for quitting while they were still ahead; the concept had a limited shelf life, a la The Office (British), and they packed it in before it got stale.

Basil and tomatoes. The family loaded me up with basil, parsley, heirloom tomatoes, squash, and eggplant from their garden over the weekend, so I’ve been enjoying some fine, fresh produce over the past few days. Despite that, I feel like I might be coming down with something.

Gary Shteyngart. I loved The Russian Debutante’s Handbook a few years ago and had been eagerly anticipating his sophomore effort, Absurdistan. It’s not out in paperback yet, so I went on half.com and got it for, well, half price. I read it last week; I could easily have read it in two evenings, so I only allowed myself to read it on the train and made it last the whole week. It was funny and sarcastic and surprisingly romantic, though he used the phrase “squishy paws” a few too many times. Minor quibble.

Crocheting. I’m getting the hang of it pretty nicely and am looping up a cute little red beanie for winter.