Okay, as posted earlier, there’s been too much going on for regular updates. But I have plenty of material to dole out over the next few days. I just got in from my weekend in Maine, but will start with mention of Friday night’s dinner at Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Spice Market. I’d been there once before, last summer, but just for cocktails. The sapce, in the way-too-glam-for-me Meatpacking District is huge and stunning: a bilevel layout with multiple bars and dining areas decorated in a luxurious Southeast Asian style. Think lots of carved wood, gauzy draperies, metal chandeliers. When I was there before, I was tantalized by the fragrant food that was carried past and ever since have been meaning to return to sample the curries, chili pastes, seafood, noodles, and bright veggies. As I mentioned earlier, my girl from Miami was in town for the weekend, so I met her and her lovely family for an early dinner there. Decor and service were as wonderful as I remembered. The food was very good (I was pleased that the kitchen complied with my request for extra spice on my shrimp and chili noodles), though maybe not quite as transcendent as the reviewers had led me to believe. It’s definitely ideal for large-group meals–food is brought out at random and is intended to be shared. As I stated in my write-up of Kuma Inn, I’m a devoted grazer, so I was happy to take a bite or two from most everyone’s plates. In addition to my chili shrimp noodles, I sampled mussels steamed with lemongrass and coconut juice; vegetables with green curry and rice noodles; lobster rolls; wild mushroom spring rolls; mango salad; and some yummy salt-cod dish. It’s a bit of a chore for me to get over to that part of town, but I’ll probably make it back some time in the next year or so for more grazing.

Coming up: some Reading, Watching, Listening, and more Eating, perhaps with some Family thrown in.