It’s been a busy weekend…after taking a friend out for a birthday dinner on Friday (seems like most of our friends are September babies), we bought tickets for Magnolia Electric Company’s show at the Knitting Factory on Saturday. Will introduced me to their music a little more than a year ago, and I quickly became a fan of Jason Molina’s langid, plaintive songs. I think we were the oldest people in the audience by a good eight years or so. But it was an earnest crowd and a very good show.

Today, I met a friend for brunch in Park Slope and then we took the bus over to Red Hook for the monthly Sunday’s at Sunny’s reading, which I hadn’t been to since April. I was shocked to see that a new Fairway supermarket now occupies the ground level of my favorite waterfront warehouse next to the bar and that the cute little park across the street has been partially paved over to make a parking lot for the market. Part of what I loved about that part of town was its isolation and quiet. Now it’s overrun with strollers and SUVs. Still, we had fun at the reading, which featured three young writers known for their saucy sex/relationship essays and columns. After the reading, my friend decided to catch the water taxi back to the Upper West Side, and I enjoyed the late afternoon light as I rode the bus home (I’m weirdly fond of the bus, for some reason).