I love the New York Times, I really do. Yes, it’s self-important and stuffy, but somehow, it’s also comforting. It’s the print version of NPR. Sometimes, though, I have to shake my head and, like a teenager embarrassed by dorky parents, pretend I don’t know the Gray Lady. The online verion of the Sunday Styles section (my guilty pleasure posted every Saturday afternoon) carries just about the dumbest article ever to appear there, which is saying a lot: You Are Cleared for Takeoff carries the shocking–shocking!–claim that people often pop a Valium or three before a flight. Um, really? They devote a good 1,000 words or so to the news flash that: sometimes people take antianxiety pills without a prescription; sometimes they mix them with alcohol; sometimes they get sleepy; doctors frown on this; that makes no difference. Don’t come between a business traveler and his Ativan. (For the record, I am a nervous flier and could easily get some happy pills myself. I would, except I’m too lazy to visit the doctor every time I travel. I rely on Benadryl or cold medicine to knock me out.) What really gets me, though, is this article’s placement in the Styles section. Wouldn’t it fit better in Travel or Health? The whole thing is beyond stupid. It would fit much better in the Post or Daily News–at least that way, there would have been some kooky puns in there to distract me from the painful obviousness of the article itself.