I have long chafed under the knowledge that, no matter how many “advances” are made toward equality, I still make about 20 to 25% less than my male counterpart in a similar professional position. Now I learn that I’m probably making about another 10% less because I’m short! Slate is carrying an article that cites several studies showing that tall people are both better paid AND more intelligent.

While height, on its own, bears a strong relation to pay, when adult height is included along with measures of childhood intelligence in pay analyses, it no longer does the explanatory work on its own. Height appears to matter, when intelligence is not included, because taller people are, on average, smarter.

I’m definitely below average height, but I do flatter myself that I am above average intelligence. And yet…well, the smartest person I know does measure in around 6’4″. But I also know many brilliant people who are my size or smaller. And we shorties? We’re all pretty poor.