Sorry again for the lapse in posting…life does get busy sometimes. After a hectic week, one of my oldest and dearest friends graced New York for his annual birthday visit, which has taken up my time for a few days. We met up for various wonderful meals with large and interesting groups of friends. We also played in a few parks, mused on the unnatural size of birds and squirrels in Central Park, and finished up with a huge lunch of dim sum and odd, gummy pastries in Chinatown today. I also enjoyed a rainy, blustery visit to the Grand Army Plaza greenmarket on Saturday and a quick visit to the Brazil Day parade on Flatbush Avenue this afternoon. In my downtime, I practiced my guitar, learned to crochet, and started and finished The Great Gatsby, which I am ashamed to say I had never read before now. Another classic crossed off the list. Fall is setting in and I’m feeling the old back-to-school excitement. The next few weeks promise some interesting events, including birthday parties, readings, and concerts, so there will be plenty to post on if I can keep up.