A concerned reader requested an update on my home climate-control situation, and yes, cool air is finally circulating, to the immense relief of my cats. My heart goes out to him in his current troubles with way-past-schedule workers in his own home.

There has been some Reading and Watching, but updates on those may have to wait for a week or so. Tomorrow, we head to Princeton for two days of wedding festivities for a high school friend of Will’s, then we have to rush back to NY for the final preparations before heading off to Iceland Sunday evening. And, needless to say, it is unlikely we will be posting from our perch atop the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (I have a weird, nerdy fascination with plate tectonics). So check back around August 14 for pictures of glaciers, cliffs, geysers, and Will tossing pufflings off the cliffs of Heimaey.