I mentioned a week or so ago that my coeditor gave me a mix CD of basic but good songs that might assist with my Playing, along with a listing of the chords used in each. I’ve been listening and mentally auditioning them for my big “final” later this month. I figure, since I’m down to my final few weeks, that I need to select and practice one; if I don’t, then I’ll be stuck plodding my way through one of the classic/soft-rock staples we’ve been learning in class. Not acceptable. So, as I stated before, I’ve pretty much decided to do “Drivin’ on 9” by the Breeders. I came home from class tonight all fired up from our rhythmic strumming and decided to start learning how to play it–and what do you know, I figured it out (aided by my little cheat sheet, so at least I knew what to listen for) and was pretty much playing along with it by the third try. My only stumbling block was the bridge. I haven’t quite figured that out yet, but I’m excited that it was so easy to get the verses and chorus. I’ll sort out the bridge tomorrow.