This weekend, my coeditor was kind enough to give me a CD with twenty songs that use only those chords I already know (plus two new ones that I can pick up easily enough) so I can have some practice inspiration and a potential “final exam” song. The songs range from Yo La Tengo to CCR to Springsteen to the English Beat. There are three in the mix that I’m very seriously considering for my big performance at the end of August. I know I have a handful of musicians among my regular readers as well as some highly opinionated music nerds, so feel free to help me make a choice. So far, the front-runners are: “Drivin’ on 9,” by the Breeders (easiest to play and sing, fairly rock-n-roll); “Look at Miss Ohio,” by Gillian Welch (a little harder to play, fun to sing); and “Passenger Side,” by Wilco (hardest to play, fun to sing, most rock-n-roll).

Thoughts? Opinions? Alternate suggestions?