I haven’t been this tired since grad school. For the past three weeks, during a terrible heat wave and just regular summer mugginess, I have been without air conditioning. I had considered it a perk of my apartment that it features central AC, and for a week or two, it worked wonderfully. And then it didn’t. And now my trusty landlord, Henry Weinstein, owner and CEO of Canal Jean Co. (henceforth to be referred to as Mr. Henry, after our beloved crook from Bottle Rocket) has taken for-EVER to deal with it, and I can’t sleep in the heat. I came home from dinner with a friend this evening to find my new AC unit sitting in the middle of my living room. Fat lot of good that does me. Mr. Henry himself is gracing my humble apartment tomorrow to take a look at the closet wall that will have to be torn out to accommodate this new appliance. When will actual installation take place? At this rate, sometime shortly after the first frost. Meanwhile, I’m fussing and fantasizing about withholding rent or something. But we all know my hands are tied.

Unrelated: I HATE SPAM COMMENTERS. I just spent 15 minutes clearing my site of your lame “Very usefull! One of my favourites!” comments. I don’t know what kind of benefit you get from polluting my blog, but leave me alone. You are the online equivalent of cockroaches.

Update on the rant: I’ve turned on word verification for comments; apparently it’s the only way to keep the spam away. I find this extra step annoying, but less so than reading those stupid messages.