I haven’t written on my Playing progress in a while, but I’ve stayed active. Classes lately have been focusing more on technique than new material (we only learned one new chord this week), so I’ve been honing my rhythmic strumming and speeding up my chord changes. I’m still pretty slow with both, but Camp Counselor Kevin really pushed us tonight and now I feel a lot more confident. I have another challenge/assignment ahead of me to help spur my practice. Aside from the final “exam” of an in-class performance, I’ve been asked to accompany my coeditor to a Labor Day jam session with a bunch of his college friends in Oklahoma. Our fine work may even be recorded, so I need to get up to speed to avoid embarrassing him and myself. It seems pretty daunting now, but it’s more than a month away, so I should be reasonably up to speed by then. I hope.