The subways, whether you like it or not, are often New York’s cheapest source of entertainment (aside from the streets, which are free). If you ride the trains often enough, you start seeing familiar faces among the performers and panhandlers on each line. The A/C/E often has some breakdancers, the J/M/Z has poets, the 2/3 sometimes has a one-armed harmonica player (for those of you who don’t live here, these people perform on the trains, not on the subway platforms like in other cities).

I hopped on the uptown F during my lunch break today to run an errand and was rewarded by the sight of my favorite subway performers, whom I had seen several times before: two middle-aged Mexican men decked out in their cowboy best and armed with guitar and accordion, singing their hearts out. I enjoyed their music from Broadway/Lafayette until 14th Street, then tipped them and went on my way.