Following our NYC art adventures, we decamped to Princeton for a change of scenery. Sunday found us a little aimless after a quick visit to a flea market and a few used bookstores, so we just drove around to see what was going on. Heading down one secondary highway toward Trenton, we found a true 1950s drive-in, complete with curbside tray service and specializing in floats made with Stewart’s Root Beer, which suddenly sounded like (and was) the perfect treat on a hot afternoon.

We were still at a bit of a loss after that, so we kept driving in the same direction, through Trenton and toward the Pennsylvania state line. At that point, it was coming on to dinner time, so Will suggested we just keep going and find a good cheesesteak sandwich. In Philadelphia. On we went; we drove in circles around downtown Philly during a severe thunder-and-hailstorm, then finally asked a young man in a tattoo parlor if he knew where to find the steak stand that Will had visited several years before. Luckily, it was a famous one, and as the skies cleared, we found ourselves at Pat’s King of Steaks with two rolls of meaty treats in hand. I ordered mine with provolone cheese, which was nice but a little bland. Will wisely ordered his the “classic” way, slathered with Cheese Whiz (vat of substance pictured above). I hate to admit it, but it really is much tastier that way. So I learned something (should have noticed that nobody else in line was ordering with provolone).

Monday we headed north to Hartford to visit some friends and their new baby, plus to drop off some instruments in New Haven to be repaired. We made a quick side trip to Rein’s Deli in Vernon, CT, where my family used to stop for lunch on our trips to and from New Jersey when I was a kid. They still have corny New York-themed decor and punny signs all over, but they also serve up a mean chicken liver sandwich and tasty, buttery rugelach.

Today? I don’t know. There was some talk about heading to a German beer garden in Queens for a cold one and a bratwurst sandwich before watching the fireworks. I had a good jog this morning, so I’m ready.