We decided to liven up a rather drab evening last night with a field trip out to L & B Spumoni Gardens, almost to Coney Island, for a few slices of pizza and a cup of spumoni. We had been there once before, back in the fall, but last night I think we experienced it as it’s meant to be. This landmark restaurant serves up thick, gooey Sicilian pizzas (square), not too much cheese, and overlaid with a not-too-sweet sauce. They have a large patio area where we could smell the salt air and observe families and groups of teenagers socializing. We were far from the high-rises and trendy shopping and eating areas that most people associate with the city, but as Will observed, it was as much a classic New York place and experience as any. It was comforting to sit for a while in a place where people seemed to know each other and were enjoying a simple, pleasant summer evening (brief rainshower notwithstanding).