Many people wrongly believe that I’m a non-TV watcher out of elitism. Nothing could be further from the truth. I love trashy TV, talk shows, reality shows, South Park, etc. I also have the unfortunate tendency to talk, and if properly provoked, scream at the tiny people on the screen. If I had regular access to television programming, I would quickly devolve into one of those shut-ins who spend their days in a crumb-covered La-z-boy shouting at the idiot box and composing threatening letters to news anchors. A prime candidate for sending me over the edge would be Ann Coulter. I’ve read about her, seen her photo and excerpts from her books, but have so far been spared the live version of this shrill, anorexic love child of Rush Limbaugh and Barbie. I guess she’s on the talk-show circuit lately to promote her latest manifesto, and I was directed to a clip of her discussion with Matt Lauer on the Today show. This woman is certifiable and more offensive to my tastes than the most twisted pornography. My poor little laptop almost went sailing out the window to the courtyard below.

Update: I was chastised in the comments for expecting my readers to watch the clip and form their own opinion of Ms. Coulter, so I will explain why she offends me so much: I’m well aware that she rants against liberalism. I really don’t care about that, since her way of expressing herself is so insane that it hurts her own cause. What set me off was her claim that the 9/11 widows are “enjoying their husbands’ deaths” because now they can criticize Dubya all they want. I have neither the time nor the patience to get into how fallacious that is, but what really gets me is how callously she can dismiss the grief endured by thousands of families.

Also, in the interest of the “diversity” that I’m scolded for not supporting, here is a link (sorry, you’ll actually have to read it) to a highly positive review of her new book, complete with excerpts. Read it and weep with laughter.