The weekend at Casa DePrima in New Hampshire…

The Listening: Bruce Springsteen, Tweeter Performing Arts Center, 4th row behind the pit, 19-piece band. Quite a production, with goofy dancing, spirited sing-alongs, the works. Chubby bald session players got to behave like rock stars. A great time was had by all.

The Eating: The “tailgate” preshow meal consisted of barbecued chicken, chipotle potato salad, Israeli couscous salad, and smoked/baked beans. Other meals included stuffed shells, green bean salad, homemade blueberry muffins, blackberry cake, fried clams, banana ice cream, and more. Oof.

The Family: Always intense, always interesting. There is a new dog, after the eldest guy Cliff (age 16-ish) departed this world shortly after Christmas. Jeffrey is a tan and white Lhasa Apso who entered the family as a stray. He’s a sweet boy currently dealing with abandonment issues through therapy and doggy Prozac. Sally the cat is not pleased. Okie the parrot probably isn’t either, but she hates everyone.

There was also a quality visit with my childhood pal Monica (she of flying-squirrel-in-hair fame) and her very tall son Brent.

Now very, very tired…