This afternoon during an after-school staff meeting, I actually caught myself starting to write “REPLACEMENTS” on my notepad in puffy letters. God, they’re a great band. Now, a couple of slugs of DayQuil later, I’m home in my burrow watching old Replacements videos while Ms. Squirrel eats fresh asparagus. There are a bunch of tracks from a 1981 show up on YouTube. Here are a few that just slayed me.

Replacements: “Kick Your Door Down” (live, 1981)
Replacements: “Goddamn Job”/”Junior’s Got a Gun” (live, 1981)
Replacements: “Careless” (live, 1981)
Replacements: “Customer”/”Rattlesnake” (live, 1981)

The rest of the show is available for free at, in the Replacements section.