It looks like I didn’t have any time for posting this weekend. There was Eating (Aunt Suzie’s again, plus a cookout and grazing of regional produce, bread, and cheese at the Grand Army Plaza greenmarket), Watching (finally got around to watching Hero, which was quite beautiful), Reading (Michael Azerrad’s terrible essay on The Replacements).

And there was Playing. We joined some friends at a practice space in Greenpoint to noodle around on instruments for a few hours, and I decided that my attempt to teach myself to play guitar has been a failure. I’m one of those people who needs an expert to hover and correct my posture, grip, etc., and I need a curriculum and assignments. Sitting at home and struggling with a chord chart doesn’t cut it. So I’m going to enroll in a 10-week beginners’ class starting in a few weeks and hope that the structure and atmosphere of mild competition, not to mention the financial investment, combine to bring me greater success.