Has led to light posting, much to the boredom of my tiny klatsch of readers. Sorry about that. I’ll try to make up for it this weekend.

One notable event of the week was Wednesday’s fundraiser for the Bronx Academy of Letters. The evening’s featured entertainment was hipster standup comic Demetri Martin, who introduced us to some great alternatives to the lame screen abbreviations people use in e-mails (e.g., LOL, LMAO, blah blah). Hate, hate, hate ’em. Mr. Martin is a rather deadpan, understated fellow, and he shared his favorite alternative e-mail lingo: lqtm (laughing quietly to myself) and c (chuckle). Use it, spread it, stop irritating me with LOL.

Over the weekend, I’ll share some cooking news, plus my take on the New York Culinary Festival, which I will graze and sip my way through with a friend this evening.