Yesterday, we met up with some friends at a sports bar in Midtown to watch the Kentucky Derby before heading out for an early supper in the area. My mom grew up in Louisville, so I’ve always had an appreciation for and interest in thoroughbreds. I’ve also seen just about every Derby since I was 8 or 10 years old, either on TV or at beautiful Churchill Downs. One of our friends was kind enough to stop by an OTB office on his way over and place a small bet for each of us. We drew our tickets randomly; mine was a $6 exacta bet (i.e., $1 per combination of horses). Now, I have never had even modest luck with gambling, so I didn’t pay much attention to my ticket at first. After the race was over, I realized that my ticket was a winning one, and when I went to cash it in today (after an amazing, leisurely lunch in Astoria with some other friends), I received $275.50! Amazing! So Seth gets a present and I get some new shoes.