My good friend is hosting her parents in her little apartment for two weeks, which is a daunting prospect for any busy young adult. More daunting is the fact that they’re visiting from Russia and don’t speak English and are touristing around New York while she toils away in her laboratory in New Jersey. How is she handling this dilemma? Read on:

This is great. I gave my cell phone to my parents. They are walking around Manhattan (all by themselves!). For the past couple of days my parents have been calling me at work asking me to translate to the tour guides, people in the stores, waiters, etc… It always makes me laugh when they do it…they are getting on a tour bus right now around Manhattan, and I spent the last 10 minutes explaining to the tour guides where they wanted to go and what they wanted to see. I wonder who I would be speaking to next. You gotta love the cell phones.

Update, mid-afternoon:

My parents are still riding the bus, for the past 4 hours! They could have been in Boston by now. They are crazy…