This photo gave me a bit of a giggle–Brian Eno, once upon a time the freakiest, sparkliest, and glammiest of glammy glam boys, somehow developed a striking resemblance to my father while I had my back turned.

Somewhat unexpectedly, this has been a Day of Eno for me, and I’m really loving it. I’ve had a vague and ill-informed appreciation of him since my teen years, yet never really sat down and gave him the listening time he so richly deserves. Eno went into rotation during bacon and eggs this morning, persisted through magazines and coffee, then came back up on iTunes as I was chopping veggies for my black bean chili. Mainly, I’ve been listening to Another Green World and Here Come the Warm Jets, with a little of My Life in the Bush of Ghosts thrown in for the funk. Finally, just as the sun came through the clouds and shone through my living room window, the sublime “On Some Faraway Beach” came on and I’ve had it on a continuous loop for the past half-hour. I love it when the perfect song for the given day comes up in the shuffle. Where on earth would many of today’s most precious alterna-acts (yeah, I’m talking to you, Flaming Lips) be without this man’s music?