My life has finally slowed down enough to allow me to read the latest issue of Star magazine, which Will was kind enough to give me last night (he hearts the gossip, too). In a sidebar to the weekly feature of Bradgelina’s impending baby, Star’s editors speculated on what Namibian name the couple will further cripple their poor child with (for those of you who live under rocks, Brad and Angie plan to poop out their kid in Namibia and give it a “native” name). Among Star’s unusually clever picks:

1. Ndahepuluka (“I became richer”)
2. Sihako (“Cool like a leaf”)
3. Kaunadodo (“The world has no stairs”)

Really, none of these are any worse than Inspektor Pilot, Moxie Crimefighter, or Audio Science, some of the more unfortunate celeb spawn names of late. I vote for #3. Anyone else?