Well, it turns out my only personal drama of the past few days is that of my dead fridge. It looks like new, but the compressor expired some time on Thursday night, which I discovered when I came home on Friday with several bags of groceries that had to go straight into the garbage. My super asked the requisite dumb-ass questions (is it on? did you check the breaker box? is it plugged in?) and continues to ask every time he sees me if it’s working yet. Also, I discovered he’s functionally illiterate when he asked me to read the owner’s manual to him. I don’t want to be one of those “if you come to our country, you must immediately conform in every way” people, but you should at least be able to read the materials directly related to your job. Like the manuals for major household appliances. But my super is a sweet, sweet man who has been nothing but polite and as helpful as he’s able, so I’ll try to be patient with him.

So at this hour, it looks like I’ll be facing a fifth day without refrigeration, and I’m officially on a hobo diet of bananas and canned soup, with the occasional bite of Easter candy. I doubt there’ll be much posting until I can have perishable food in my house again, as malnutrition makes me peevish and dull-witted. Maybe my vacationing partner can pitch in this week.