From the final chapter of the book I was whining about last week:

“In the former case, there is a sense that the channels and architectures of neoliberal governance are distorting and corrosive of capacities for effective social change; in the latter, even particularistic struggles infused with a counterhegemonic imaginary are seen to be potentially generative of regime transformation.”

Translation (my own–the copyeditor had long since given up at this point):

In the former case, it seems like the structure of neoliberalism distorts or undermines the capacity for social change; in the latter, one can see that even localized struggles have the potential to transform the status quo.

See? The concept is pretty simple–here it looks sort of hopeless, but there it looks like change is possible. But because there’s nothing actually wrong in the original, nobody questions it.

Now you know why I like to read about hedgehogs when I get home at night.