As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, and as my readers may have gathered from various contributions to the comments section, my dad’s two great joys in life are cooking and Springsteen. I often benefit from both of these interests, and have most recently from the cooking. My dad cooks to “relax” (anyone who has seen him in action will understand the quotes) but, as an empty nester, seldom has enough people around to consume all he produces. So, when the baking bug bites, he freezes and FedExes the latest creation to my office, where I barely manage to take a sample or two for myself before my coworkers set upon the rest of it like a pack of wolves. The benefit, of course, is that my popularity grows, but not my waistline.

The most recent box contained a lovely Mississippi mud cake adapted from the pages of the classic Moosewood Cookbook. It was moist and rich enough to stick to the roof of my mouth and elicited the usual sighs of pleasure from the cubicle dwellers (alas, I could barely taste it, as I was in the middle of a sinus infection, but I’m sure it was wonderful as usual). Dad kindly scanned the recipe; click through for a printable version.