I admit it. I love memes and will participate even when not specifically tagged. I came across the following on Mrs. Brown’s blog and my eyes lit up. Lists! Feel free to post your own in the comments or spread it around on your own blog:

Top 5 Movies
It’s a Wonderful Life
Unbearable Lightness of Being
Down by Law
Vernon, Florida

Top 5 Comedies
The Philadelphia Story
Muriel’s Wedding
His Girl Friday

Top 5 Sports Movies
When We Were Kings
Hoop Dreams
Breaking Away
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

Top 5 Patrick Swayze Movies
Oh, come on. I agree with Hillary, Donnie Darko was pretty great, but only because he turned out to be a kiddie-porn freak. I don’t think I could even name 5 Swayze movies.

Top 5 Scenes
David Thewlis discussing the apocolypse with that security guard in Naked.

When Jimmy Stewart drives up to Cary Grant’s house in The Philadelphia Story and shouts “Oh, Mister C. K. Dexter Haaaaaaven!” over and over.

Tom Waits sitting on the sidewalk singing “It’s a sad and beautiful world” in Down by Law.

The “Waterloo” lip-synch scene in Muriel’s Wedding.

The “Therefore” sermon in Vernon, Florida.