On Sunday Ms. Squirrel and I were a little early for the Sunday at Sunny’s reading series, a great event hosted by the very gracious Gabriel Cohen the first Sunday of every month at Sunny’s Bar in Red Hook. To kill time we could have lollygagged around those beautiful cobblestone streets, or we could have bought some Key-lime limeade over at Steve’s, where I like to play with the dogs and fantasize about converting their Airstream into a mobile studio. Instead we decided to plunk down on a bench at Waterfront Museum Park to get this gig-of-the-week show on the road.

The picnicking audience consisted of about a dozen handsomely tattooed young parents and their toddling offspring. A few older folks in Members Only jackets and fannypacks studded the benches right by the water. I thought this might just be my demographic wheelhouse. Alas, total haul: $0.00 again. Thunderegg is nothing if not uncommercial.

Set list:

1. If You Were Paper (a)
2. If You Knew Me So Well
3. If I Went on a Diet (b)
4. Supergirlfriend (c)
5. It’s Not You, It’s Not Me (It’s Her)
6. Glass of Water (d)
7. Puffins (e)

(a) I started a little sheepishly. I was afraid of the hipster parents. I can’t really play and sing this song at the same time, either. Maybe I deserved $0.00.
(b) When I started playing this tune, I actually thought to myself, Time to bust out the big gun.
(c) First song that didn’t start with “If,” historically an important word for Thunderegg.
(d) One hipster mom, the one who was smoking, danced a little on this one. Or else she was adjusting the straps on her Baby Bjorn.
(e) Like last week, was approached by a toddler during this song. And also like last week, I got flustered by the attention and blew the chorus. Puffins wander on the sea, not the “street.” Duh.