I must apologize for light/lame posting lately. Illness has kept me home and asleep a lot, hence not much consumption or experience of anything outside my apartment and office. As most people reading this know, I read for a living. Most of my material is psychology and educational research, with occasional forays into geography, and I find most of it very interesting. I’ve had the misfortune, however, to be assigned a new geography text entitled Contesting Neoliberalism. Jargon in the title is a bad sign. Now, I get some pretty dense manuscripts that cover subjects about which I know little or nothing, but I still manage to find something worthwhile or interesting to keep me engaged and alert on each project. This book, however, has proven to be so brain-meltingly dull that it has taken me 3 days to crawl through as many chapters. The worst part is, I agree with a lot of this book’s premises (so far), e.g., that the status quo of Western societies/economies over the past 30 years is due for a serious critical reexamination especially in light of our impact on developing nations and the increasingly less equitable social policies, use of resources, etc., and that it’s time to consider alternatives to the nominally capitalist yet huge, invasive government system. I get it, guys. Really. But the jargon and bombast make me curse the authors with every page. I pity the grad students who’ll be made to read this next fall. In any case, it’s made me pretty much worthless for anything else. That, and the NyQuil.