Two things that are important to know about my dad are his twin passions for cooking and for Bruce Springsteen (not unusual when you consider that he’s Sicilian and from New Jersey). The folks have been on a little road trip for the past week and stopped by the International Food Warehouse, which I wrote about a few days ago. Dad’s take (slightly abridged):

Found our way to that store. Not hard to find. Probably won’t go back. I like Corrado’s better. They didn’t have what I wanted, but we still managed to spend $65 there. I wanted imported San Marzano tomatoes. They had none. I wanted imported tuna from Italy and they didn’t have it. I remembered I needed Parmesan cheese and they had none. They carried the Osem line of products, but not the Israeli couscous I like. They had Ghirardelli chocolate for $1.99 which was a great buy. Got some dried porcini mushrooms at a great price. Mom bought some dried fruit. We spent $165 at Corrado’s. I love that store. I got six pound cans of imported Italian tomatoes for $2.99. Make up a nice batch of marinara and freeze it. Also imported Sopressata, and my tuna and the semolina Italian bread. They have a great Italian cheese selection, great fish, and cheap produce. Red peppers for $.98 per pound, lemons 5 for a dollar, cranberry beans, Sicilian eggplant and of course the cookies I love. Nothing you can’t buy in NYC, but if you live in northern NJ, much easier to get to and all under one roof.

Take that, Chowhound.