Poor Ms. Squirrel is under the weather tonight so I thought I’d fill in. I just didn’t want her consecutive-day streak to snap so soon. Especially because I’m the one who got her sick.I don’t have my cassette deck hooked up to the computer yet, so you’ll all have to wait for the killer Wolfsbane and Trouble mp3s. For now I’ll just report in on my solo gig on Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn last Sunday, between Third and Fourth Streets in front of the playground and across the street from my favorite bar in the neighborhood, the Gate.Flopping down my new yet inexplicably mildewy guitar case and shouldering my guitar, I thought I’d play until I had enough money to buy a beer. The sun was starting to go down. It was bitter cold. Eight songs later, my hands were frozen and I had exactly $0.00 in the case. I gave up and got a beer anyway. Annotated set list:

1. Skeletons (a)
2. Supergirlfriend
3. If I Went on a Diet
4. Glass of Water (b)
5. Puffins (c)
6. Keep It with You
7. Hall Pass (d)
8. It’s Not You, It’s Not Me (It’s Her) (e)

(a) Not a good song to open with
(b) I killed it on this one!
(c) Was approached by a toddler here; father, wearing another baby in a sling on his chest and pushing an unoccupied scooter, looked on for about a minute. I thought I might get a buck here! But no. I got overexcited and played like three wrong chords in a row.
(d) While rocking out, my jacket zipper was tapping against my guitar and the pompom on my hat was bouncing around. At first, though, I thought the guys on the corner were throwing acorns at me. They still might have been. I am choosing not to believe that.
(e) (Encore)

I’ll be back on that same block next week, 6:00 sharp.