Yesterday, my partner in crime and I took a field trip to the land of my forefathers (Bergen County, NJ) to visit the International Food Warehouse in Lodi, which had been written up on Chowhound as one of the most overwhelming arrays of international foods one can encounter under one roof.

Living in New York, it’s easy to become spoiled and jaded by the endless choices of ethnic and specialty food shops that populate nearly every block of the city and its boroughs. This, however, was a vast, echoing warehouse of the most random foods I have seen in a long time (not to mention deeply discounted lingerie and housewares). And cheap! My selections are pictured here; there seems to be a theme of preserved fish and red liquids. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with some of this (Er, a can of stuffed eggplant? But it was only $1.88!), but I’m starting to develop a notion of a lemony-garlicky risotto with scungili.